The Centre for Quality Assurance (QAC) held the celebration of the 10th anniversary on April 4th, 2017. It was a great opportunity for managers to discuss and exchange appropriate solutions for effective implementation of quality assurance operations. Thus, Vinh University upgrades its competitiveness among other educational institutions and deeply integrates regional and international education system.

Overview of the celebration

The celebration was held with the participation of Vinh University’s directorate, University’s Council, representatives of different organisations, former leaders of Vinh University, former staff of QAC and representatives from quality assurance centres in Nghe An and Ha Tinh Provinces such as: Ha Tinh University, Nghe An College of Economics, Vinh Medical University, Vinh University of Technology Education, Nghe An Teacher Training College, Vocational College No4 – Ministry of National Defence, etc.

Participants in the celebration

At the celebration, Dr. Tran Dinh Quang, Vice director acting as director of QAC, summarized the history of the centre and reported achievements the Centre has got since 10 years. With 15 staff including three doctors, 11 masters, the Centre gave professional advice on form a network of QA staff working at every department of Vinh University (in 2013) and instructed involved departments to build strategic plan up to 2020. In 2009, the Centre conducted several effective QA activities of education institution based on which the National Council for Quality Assurance recognized accredited education institution for Vinh University. The centre also carried out the internal accreditation of 12 secondary school teacher training curriculums of which one was externally accredited in 2013 in the framework of the Project of secondary school teacher development. Other professional activities were assured by the centre with outstanding results.

Three staff of the Centre got the certificate of accreditation issued by the Director of Ha Noi National University and one staff has finished a training course on curriculum evaluation offered by AUN (ASEAN University Network).

Dr. Tran Dinh Quang presented the history and achievements that the Centre has gained

With the above achievements, QAC has been invited to share experience and give advice on quality assurance and examinations. In the coming time, QAC will mobilise its force in accordance with the supports and direction of the University so that the latter can be a member of AUN. It will make itself a national centre for examinations and in the future an independent centre for education quality accreditation in the north Central Vietnam.

At the celebration, many discussion topics were raised in the current situation of the Vietnamese education. Participants also suggested solutions for a better quality assurance.

Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa, President of VU, gave a talk at the celebration.

Written by Nguyen Thi Thanh
Photos by Le Viet Dung
English by Nguyen Hai